Sunday, December 2, 2012

Carroty tales

There seem to have been an abundance of (delicious organic!) carrots lately, and when I arrived home with my laden vegie box, I thought I'd google a few recipes to give us all some inspiration for the coming week! Have a look...

here for 'saucy meatball and carrot bake with crispy feta crumbs'

here for 'quick carrot and walnut bread'

here for 'carrot and sesame burgers'

here for 'carrot, cumin and feta fritters with coriander yoghurt'

here for a range of carroty delights from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall including roasted carrot hummus and spicy carrot soup with spinach

here for 'carrot poduthuval' - a delicious sounding Indian carrot stir-fry

and here for a simple 'Vietnamese carrot salad'.

If you get stuck, there are a million yummy variations of carrot cake (and carrot muffins) to be tried too!

I hope some of these appeal to you!

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