Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Pan Charred Asparagus

It's an asparagus bonanza so thought I'd share something I was taught at work:

Bunch asparagus
light neutral veg oil, sunflower is best
salt, sea salt is really nice
extra virgin olive oil (EVO)
white pepper.

Snap the bottoms off each asparagus spear where it wants to snap naturally.  This ensures you're using the part that's still fresh.

Take a large heavy bottomed fry pan and heat it up.  Really crank it.  Then add about 1 tblsp veg oil.  The veg oil will come to heat very quickly and you use a lot less.

Lay the asparagus spears down evenly in the pan so each one is touching the bottom (you may have to do more than one batch).

Keep the heat up.  

When the spears brown on the bottom turn them over once so they char on the other side.

Lift them out when done and sprinkle a little sea salt on them while they're still hot.  This will bring out more sweetness in them.

Dress with a little EVO and white pepper.

It's a sexy appetiser with white wine and fresh bread.  


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